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Cookies for Ukraine Drive is Out in Force During LA Marathon

Gathering donations benefitting Ukraine

New creative ways to support Ukraine are out there. One of the most impressive we’ve seen is the “Cookies for Ukraine” action happening in LA this weekend.

This is an ongoing action integrated by Michael Söhner in association with the Germany based STELP Supporter on Site Org.

STELP is a unique grass roots aid organization aims for 100% of donations going into direct aid. Since the war started they have already delivered nearly 500 tons of relief supplies; that is more than the amount received in Ukraine from some individual industrialize countries

Already successful during the initial launch last week, the action netted over $5000, All funds collected were forwarded to the European partner organization STEP (Stuttgart Helps) and used to give direct aid in Ukraine.

The action will continue, with ever higher goals and more recruits as long as there is need. If you would like to participate please contact Michael via Facebook.

Michael is the Activist / Baker & Chef behind the LA based action:

The goal this weekend is to double the prior record.

If you want to show support join Michael and crew on Sunday, March 20th at Two Rodeo Drive (Spanish Steps) in Beverly Hills, CA! Remember to wear the colors of Ukraine (Blue & Yellow) or bring Ukraine flags to show support!

You can support this directly via STELP

Or, bake yourself and collect & donate wherever you are!



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