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2nd Walking Tour with @sweetslinky aka WalkingLA Live Twitter Feed: Pasadena History and Unanticipated Beauty

A second walk with perfect spring weather here are the highlights

As we detailed in our post yesterday a great new Twitter account popped up recently dedicated exclusively to live tweeting LA Walks. Noteworthy is that, by tradition, nobody walks in LA! Among the uninitiated the consensus is that there is no great place to walk, it’s dangerous, no shade and, well, we drive here only and that’s that.

What we already featured yesterday and what is astounding in the photos and route guides coming from @sweetslinky is that Los Angeles is a city that has a surprising number of incredible “secret” routes that are fantastic to traverse for fun, exercise and adventure where extremely unexpected things appear along the way.

Naturally we all know that beach sunsets are beautiful and, yes, it’s likely that WalkingLA on Twitter will have a Malibu route happening in the near future, but the less obvious beauty is where the intrigue lies.

For example, today’s route (photo below) is an 8 mile journey called the “Pasadena Loop”. For any not familiar, Pasadena is urban, for sure, but also has a long, deep history going back to the early days of Hollywood. As expected the route yield of images included some incredible landmarks but also a lot more off the beaten path surprises as we have noticed are a hallmark of the live tweeting sessions from @sweetslinky on Twitter.

Without further ado the tour via tweet begins:

Courtesy of Los Angeles Conservancy: “Architect Wallace Neff designed grand Period Revival houses for some of California’s wealthiest and most famous residents, including Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Groucho Marx, and Judy Garland. However, it has been said that nothing made Neff prouder than his modest Airform (or “bubble”) houses.

The idea for the Airform house came to Neff in the mid-1930s while shaving at the bathroom sink: “A soap bubble appeared and it held firm against my finger … and it came to me, ‘Build with air.’” The architect believed that the dome-shaped dwelling was the perfect solution to the mid-twentieth century global housing crisis, as the construction was inexpensive, quick, and required no wood or nails. The Airform structure was erected using an inflatable balloon that was covered with chicken wire and then sprayed with gunite.”

You may notice that the tweets are time stamped and presented in chronological order. Also the preponderance of steps is intentional and when the routes are devised they are incorporated to help and benefit those that have cardiovascular health in mind! Today’s trek is very architecturally rich and, that too, is intended.

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