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Ancient Sumerian Anomalies: Questions and Considerations

fantasy photo showing a Sumerian Mermaid in front of a rainbow

The Sumerians were a civilization that thrived in ancient Mesopotamia, now modern-day Iraq, from around 4000 BCE to 2000 BCE.

Little is known for certain, but data and tales have been passed down, much of which is fascinating to consider.

They were known for their advanced system of writing, their complex religion, and their many inventions, including the wheel, the plow, and the first known system of law.

However, there are also many anomalies and mysteries associated with the Sumerians that continue to intrigue scholars and laypeople alike.

Writings that have survived

One of the most fascinating aspects of Sumerian civilization is their system of writing, which is known as cuneiform. This system used wedge-shaped marks made in soft clay tablets to represent words and ideas.

While much of the writing that has been discovered is mundane, such as administrative documents and legal contracts, there are also many tablets that contain strange and mysterious texts.

One such tablet, known as the Nibiru Tablet, describes the existence of a planet called Nibiru that supposedly orbits our sun every 3,600 years. According to the tablet, the inhabitants of Nibiru, who are described as “gods,” came to Earth in ancient times and genetically engineered humans to serve as their slaves.

This story has led to speculation that the Sumerians were in contact with extraterrestrial beings, or that they possessed advanced knowledge of astronomy and space travel.

Extrapolating from the fragments of the past

Another anomaly associated with the Sumerians is the presence of advanced technology that seems to be beyond their time. For example, some ancient Sumerian texts describe the use of a device called the “mechanical owl,” which was said to be capable of flight and to possess an “intelligence” of its own.

There are also descriptions of machines that could lift heavy objects and transport them over long distances, as well as references to a kind of electric battery made from clay jars filled with an acidic liquid.

A different perspective or just beyond our comprehension?

Perhaps the most puzzling Sumerian anomaly is the presence of a sophisticated system of cosmology and mythology that seems to be at odds with mainstream scientific understanding.

Sumerian mythology describes a complex pantheon of gods and goddesses who were said to have created the world and controlled the forces of nature.

Some of these deities were associated with planets and celestial bodies, leading some researchers to speculate that the Sumerians had an advanced understanding of astronomy and cosmology.

Overall, the anomalies associated with the Sumerians continue to fascinate and puzzle researchers today. While some of these mysteries may have simple explanations or be the result of misunderstandings or mistranslations, others suggest that the Sumerians possessed knowledge and technology that was far ahead of its time.

Whether or not these anomalies are evidence of extraterrestrial contact or advanced ancient civilizations, they serve as a reminder of the richness and complexity of human history and the many mysteries that still remain to be solved.



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