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Goodbye Retrograde (Mercury that is)


A particularly nasty phase of planetary mischief is finally over

Even if you are not an Astrology buff or adherent, the last couple of weeks have seen more than thier share of technical and “fate” related upheaval.

Texas, for example, experienced a chain reaction of tragedy with one issue, a severe and extreme winter storm, that led to a series of problems such as power outages, food shortages and more.

Believe it or not it also happened during a common but dreaded astrological event known as “retrograde mercury” during which a planet (you guessed it mercury!) moves in reverse; hence retrograde.

Although this happens up to several times a year it can sometimes wreak havoc with plans and issues related to logistics, travel and technology.

Have you had a delivery delayed or otherwise screwed up? Were plans you made well in advance interrupted and unexpectedly canceled or altered drastically? Did your electricity or internet or any tech gizmo go on the fritz?

“Although this happens up to several times a year it can sometimes wreak havoc with plans and issues related to logistics, travel and technology.”

Rolo Tomassi

Naturally all of these happen often with or without help from Mercury in reverse mode.

However, once you start keeping track (easily done by following any number of monthly astrology web sites) it is often amazing how the problems of this type suddenly start to multiply as soon as that pesky little planet starts to reverse its course.

Having paid attention to this (there is only very little that can be done, in most cases, besides watch) for years, IMO this particular retrograde episode was pretty extreme.

Some ideas for how to cope with the planet(s) messing with your life

Mercury went retrograde starting on January 30th, 2021 and goes direct on February 20, 2021.

Why would anyone want to pay attention to this seemingly obscure planetary behavior and pattern?

Most astrologers advise, to any degree that it is possible, to postpone what can be delayed to no ill effect and otherwise just be aware that problems and mishaps related to communication, logistics and all electronic devices (that’s nearly our entire worlds these days) are highly likely during retrograde mercury and should be expected.

By expecting the worst or at least these typical problems in general, the stress caused by these annoying incidents can actually be reduced.

And now, starting on February 20th, 2021, Mercury is direct again and, therefore, we can hope for smoother sailing and fewer of those “unexpected” trials and tribulations.

Here’s a short excerpt related to Mercury retrograde from AstrologyZone:

“While on the topic of Mercury, I need to say that last month, on January 30, Mercury started to retrograde and will be retrograde during most of February, going direct on February 20. Even after Mercury goes direct on February 20, he will not have ramped up his energy, so if possible, don’t sign papers until early March. Put off purchasing or leasing an automobile, computer, smart phone, television, kitchen appliance, or any other machines or electronics until next month, too. If you act in February, the product you buy will not offer you the pleasure you anticipate when you buy it.”

This is Jupiter, but hey!

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