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DogeCoin @ .73 Stalking New All Time Highs. In honor of the DogeFather’s Debut as SNL Host?

photo by Informinx

Check out the “awkward” promo spots with Elon doing his best to act natural with Miley

The world’s favorite meme-coin (aka the most honest sh*t-coin) is hitting new all time highs again. Similar to the run-up to the much anticipated (in Dogecoin camps) 4/20 blitz, there’s a date-certain impetus that many are pointing to as rocket fuel.

That’s right, none other than Elon the emptor of tech, aka the DogeFather is due to host Saturday Night Live on May 8th and this is seen as yet another milestone on DogeCoin’s journey to $1.

Cuban invokes the StableCoin mantra and all is well in Cryptomania tonight…

In related celebrity crypto premonitions department news Mark Cuban sounded off again regarding Doge, this time saying that he believed that it would soon reach $1 and then morph into a stable coin.

It was unclear if he was referring to the idea that DOGE should be pegged to the US $, which would sort of kill the whole “to the moon” idea and the USD is no going anywhere lol.

On the other hand some have speculated that he merely meant to imply that it would hoover around $1 (or more, presumably) for longer than a couple of days. That would be a massive departure than the more than 12,000 increase in the price of the coin that has occurred since Jan. 1, 2021, of course.

A lighthearted warning again speculation, offered up in, where else, a tweet

In another well covered meme-event Musk’s tweet to “invest with caution” was portrayed as a “warning” though seems, like previous tweets, more tongue in cheek than advisory with substance.

Watch the linked video yourself if you are wondering.

It has be often reported that DogeCoin was “started as a joke” which is historically accurate, according to its creator. At the moment no one seems to be laughing, except perhaps all the way to the bank if they bought in before this year began.

Hopefully the coin, and it’s famous DogeFather will have luck and be funny (in a good way) tomorrow night. Here’s a preview promo courtesy of SNL:

Disclaimer: We do not make advice regarding crypto investments, or investments of any kind, nor do we make predictions, especially regarding the future.



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